Treat Yourself to A Spa Day with Lush!


Spinnaker residents, you deserve a spa day! Make your apartment feel like a relaxing oasis and take some time to treat yourself at our virtual bath bomb making class, hosted by Lush! You can learn how to make your very own bath bomb, a soothing addition to any at-home spa day. The event will be held this Wednesday, September 9 at 6pm right here at Spinnaker Bay. Be sure to register here to secure your spot.

About Lush

Lush is known for their fresh, handmade cosmetics made with 100% vegetarian ingredients. They take care to source ethical components for each of their products and have a legacy of anti-animal testing activism, so ethically-conscious shoppers can purchase with peace of mind. They offer a wide variety of products for all of your skincare, haircare, bath and shower needs.

Bath Bombs

Lush’s most renowned offering, however, is their signature bath bombs. Just plop one into your bath, and the bomb begins to fizz, leaving a mesmerizing swirl of color and omitting a soothing aroma. Plus, they are formulated with essential oils for healthy, glowing skin. They have tons of fun options, like “Twilight,” which is a lavender-scented bath bomb, perfect for an evening soak after a long day in your home office. Or, try an invigorating, bright citrus scent like the “Dragon’s Egg,” made with lemon and bergamot. Plus, they always have unique seasonal options that make excellent gifts.

If you want to stock up on more bath bombs or try out another fan-favorite, the Lush location in Harbor East is open for curbside or in-store pickup for orders placed online.

We hope you join us for this fun event! Lush bath bombs are super Insta-worthy, so make sure to snap a picture or video of your creation and share it with us on our Instagram, @SpinnakerBayApts.