Brilliant Baltimore is Back and Better Than Ever!

It’s time for one of Baltimore’s brightest traditions and this year, its bigger than ever! For ten days, from November 1 to November 10, Baltimore is combining its annual Light City Festival with its Annual Book Festival!

Located in Baltimore’s beautiful inner harbor, this event will be taking over the streets with dazzling light displays, art exhibitions, wiring workshops, local author meet and greets, and more!

The Lights Have Been Shining for Years

Since 2016, the Baltimore community has come together in celebration of local art, music, food and innovation from every corner of our Maryland home. The festival was intended to be a completely free, all accessible event showcasing interactive light art designed by various artists. After dark, the exhibits light up the Baltimore harbor for everyone to experience and explore. Each year, the event is complete with an opening night parade and a closing night fireworks finale.

This year, in order to celebrate yet another part of the Baltimore art community, the Light City festival is combining with the Baltimore Book Festival. They are adding a platform for local authors to showcase their work and connect with the community. Beginning November 1, you can participate in writers’ workshops, meet local authors, and find out about what is new in the writing community.

Things You Just Can’t Miss This Year

Water Light Graffiti

Artist Antonin Fourneau brings Water Light Graffiti to this year’s festival! This exhibit is a large wall with thousands of tiny LED lights that are illuminated when they come into contact with water. Visitors can come by and paint whatever they want with water on paint brushes or spray bottles. After a while, the pictures will fade away, ready for the next masterpiece.

The Disco Bug

Imagine a 1969 VW Beetle covered in tiny mirrors sitting on top of a lazy Susan that can be spun with a push. Found at McKeldin Plaza, the Disco Bug will be reflecting light all over a dance floor. The display will even be set with a DJ each night to make sure you can bust a move in style.

The Big Wheel

The fan favorite of the Light Festival is often the Light Wheel. Take an illuminated Ferris wheel ride over Baltimore and catch a birds-eyed-view of the city and the harbor below. It only costs $5, but the view is priceless.

Local Author Meet and Greets

As you walk among the lights, stop by various bookstores, publishers, and authors to see what’s up and coming in Baltimore’s writing community. Some authors include Dan Rodricks, Kevin Cowherd, and Brian Keubler. At the Top of the World Observation Deck, you can catch writer’s presentations and workshops. Everything is free! Even your trip to the top of the World Trade Center.

For more information on what is happening where, visit the website and Facebook Page.