Tired of the Gym? Let the Gym Come to You!


The clouds have parted, the sun is shining, and summer is upon us! There is no better time to get started with your exercise routine. Like many of us, maybe you have laced up your sneakers and headed to the gym. Or, maybe you haven’t.

Let’s face it, the gym can be intimidating at times. There are experienced people lifting weights, machines that you’ve never seen before, and people around every corner. How are you supposed to achieve your fitness goals when the hardest task is feeling comfortable at the gym? Well, what if you don’t even have to leave Spinnaker Bay to get your workout in?

Fit2Go to the Rescue
Fit2Go is a training service that will come to you! Skip the gym and feel comfortable in your own home while your work out. How does it work? One of Fit2Go’s nationally certified trainers will come right to your door, you can discuss your fitness goals and ideas one on one, and then you can enjoy an individually tailored work out right in your living room. The most important thing to Fit2Go trainers is building lasting relationships that will provide support for clients in their exercise journeys.

On top of all that good stuff, having a personal trainer enhances your workout experience in many good ways. Each session is exciting and new—it’s hard to feel unmotivated when you are working with someone one on one. You can discuss your development as the program progresses, and so much more. After giving a trainer a try, you may never go back to the gym again!

Looking for a Meal Plan to go with Your New Workout Routine?
Complete the whole package by taking a look at Fit2Go’s partner, Jimmy’s Famous Meals. Does it sometimes feel hard to eat healthy meals when you can’t find the time to cook or shop at the grocery store? Jimmy’s Famous Meals gets it. They make meal prep easy by providing meals that you choose for the week. All of their food is fully cooked by a chef and includes grass-fed meat and organic fruits and vegetables. They make it easy so you can come home from work, have a visit from your Fit2Go personal trainer, and then immediately sit down for a healthy meal that doesn’t require an hour of cooking.

Your Neighbors Have Already Met Fit2Go and Jimmy’s Famous Meals
In a recent Spinnaker Bay event, the two partnered up to provide food and information on their services. Spinnaker Bay residents loved it, and so will you! Sign up today to start working toward a healthier and happier lifestyle!